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Only a few examples of our collection of customer testimonials

Power Plants - Nuclear and Utility Companies

repair a leaking transformer tank sight glass on 11,000 volt oil circuit breaker insulator
«Our first repair involved using DURMETAL® Standard to repair a leaking transformer tank. The actual repair and downtime was approx. 1 hour, where the only alternative would have taken approx. 5 hours. Therefore we estimate a savings of about $ 300.–.»
«Patched the sight glass on 11,000 volt oil circuit breaker insulator bushing. Oil was leaking, and this patch saved us 8 hours downtime plus the cost of a new sight glass.»
cooling fins
heat exchanger head
«Repair made to cooling fins. This repair was invaluable since we are a mining company and pumping 500 gallons of water per minute.»
«This Power Station repaired a heat exchanger head and cover. Without this repair, the station would have shut down, costing thousands for each day of downtime.»
high voltage bushing mounting
high voltage bushing
«The pipe between the flange and high voltage bushing mounting was broken away from the weld. Manufacturer recommended that this pipe should not be welded in place and suggested your DURMETAL® Coldwelding System®. As these bushing mounts are part of the transformer top, the whole top would have had to be removed, transformer oil taken out and either filtered or replaced with new oil. Time spent on preparation and repair with DURMETAL® Kit was 1 hour. Estimated savings on labour and material $ 800.–.»
«Picture of a high voltage bushing in a 24/40 MVA transformer, voltage 138 KV to 12 KV. This bushing flashed over to ground and punched a small hole in the upper capacitor portion, allowing the oil to leak out. Repairs were made with DURMETAL® Rapid within 1 hour. Otherwise, to lower the oil in the transformer, change the busing out and refill the transformer, would have taken a crew of 4 men approx. 8 hours.»
Allis Chalmers three phase regulator
turbine repair
«We repaired an Allis Chalmers three phase regulator, rated 69 000 V, MVA. It had an oil leak located at the ribbing connected to the tank which holds 3 600 gallons of oil. Downtime would have been at least 3 days if we had not had DURMETAL® Rapid. This amounted to savings of approx. $ 4 000.–.»
«I am enclosing a picture of a turbine repair where we used DURMETAL® to seal off the steam flow path under the newly installed spill strips. DURMETAL® was applied over 8 months ago in the low pressure section of a 60 MW turbine. The results of this repair to date has shown us an increase of 15% in the efficiency of this unit.»
5 000 KVA transformer
auxiliary transformer
«5 000 KVA transformer valued at $ 58 000.–. It had been shot with a rifle, causing a severe oil leak. We lost 605 gallons of oil before we found out what happened. The patch repair took only about 10 minutes, and we never lost power to this station which
serves 500–600 services.»
«Repairs made on a auxiliary transformer and the oil cooler manifold. There was a second leak on the opposite side, up against the transformer where the manifold was welded to the tank. We had the transformer out only 30 minutes and saved 8 hours downtime and $ 3 000.–. You have a great product!»
2 500 KVA transformers
2 500 KVA transformers
«We were successful in stopping a leak in a weld on the drain of one of our 2 500 KVA transformers. This saved us considerable downtime and trouble. This has been repaired in the past with an epoxy but did not hold.»